Friday, 17 April 2009

Defra - guidance on dangerous dogs

Update from Defra

Yesterday Defra published additional information providing guidance to police and local authorities on the enforcement of dangerous dogs law. The information is intended to help these bodies work more effectively and crack down on irresponsible dog ownership.

The guidance, which has been written in association with the police, the RSPCA and local authorities, sets out current law and provides advice on how the legislation can be used effectively to improve enforcement with specific reference to the following areas:

  • An outline of the law regarding dangerous dogs, including an explanation of how to interpret and enforce the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act and the 1871 Dogs Act
  • Best practice for the main enforcement authorities: the police and local authorities;
  • How to identify pit bull terrier-type dogs
  • Examples of existing local initiatives.

Although it is not aimed at dog owners the guidance makes for interesting reading on how law enforcement/government agencies are being directed to apply the law. 

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