Friday, 10 July 2009

Dog attacks continue in Islington

Sadly it seems that dog attacks are becoming even more common in Islington. In recent weeks I have heard reports of a Yorkie being killed just off Essex Road, a Bedlington Terrier being attacked twice - once on Upper Street and once on Chapel Market and now a Lhasa-Apso being killed on York Way.

Unfortunately even when these incidents are reported to the police little is done. The owner of two dogs which attacked a local terrier was visited by the police but protested that his dogs had never attacked before. As local dog owners know this was untrue - but unfortunately as the previous victims had not contacted the police there was no evidence to disprove the owner's assertions.

Frustratingly these two dogs continue to be exercised off the lead and unmuzzled in the park where the attack took place. Having spoken to the police they confirmed that this was permitted and they could only intervene if the dogs were reported as dangerously out of control. When I suggested that a dog which has a history of vicious attacks and which is allowed to run around loose and unmuzzled could be considered the very definition of dangerous and out of control I was told this simply isn't the case.

I strongly encourage all dog owners in the Islington area who are victims of dog attacks to let the Barnsbury Dog Blog know of their experiences, even if they do not wish to involve the police.

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  1. Two of my sons' friends were attacked by 2 dogs in Islington on Saturday night- one seriously and requiring reconstructive surgery. It sounded an horrific incident - the dog owner deliberately set the dogs on these young people. It is vital that victims of such assaults on themselves or their dogs inform the police or how can the police act?