Monday, 25 January 2010

The Campaign for Real Pet Food

Following on from my last post I want to introduce the Campaign for Real Pet Foods. The CRPF has been started by an assortment of people working in the petcare industry who are concerned about what exactly our pets are getting fed.

The CRPF states that its mission is: promote honesty, openness and quality in the pet food industry for the benefit of pets and their owners.'

Specifically the CRPF wants to achieve the following:

• Educate pet owners about what really goes into pet food

• Encourage pet food companies to be honest about their ingredients

• Promote foods that use good quality ingredients

• Campaign for change in pet food labelling to remove terms such as ‘meat and animal derivatives’ and ‘EC permitted additives’

The CRPF hopes to achieve these goals by starting a publicity campaign to raise awareness amongst pet owners of the issues surrounding the pet food industry and to help educate pet owners on the dietary needs of their pets.

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