Saturday, 2 January 2010

Proof that dogs have nine lives too...

While many of us have been enjoying the festive period it is worth remembering to keep an extra eye on our dogs. Winter and Christmas in particular, can bring with it its own dangers to our pets' safety. 

Spaniel rescued from duck pond
Matt - an eight-year-old Cocker Spaniel - ran across ice and tumbled into freezing waters in Dean Country Park, Kilmarnock. As the dog struggled to escape, fire crews from Kilmarnock and a water rescue unit from Ayr raced to the scene after the alarm was raised.

Using ladders and specialist equipment, they managed to reach Matt and fish the shivering Spaniel out of the pond. Matt had been taken for a walk by his owner's neighbours when the drama unfolded.

Stevie Logan, Kilmarnock Fire Brigade's station commander, said: 

"The dog was in clear distress and had been in the water for some time when we arrived. He was trapped in a circle of water with ice surrounding it and couldn't get out. The people in this case did exactly the right thing by phoning us, and not attempting to rescue it themselves.

"Too many people have drowned trying to rescue their dogs, and although it is a hard thing to do to stand by and watch the dog struggling, we do have the specialist knowledge and equipment to carry out a rescue." 

Christmas miracle for dog who swallowed toy fairy wand the length of its body

A dog has had a miracle escape after swallowing a fairy wand almost the length of her entire body.

Pip's owner Ashleigh Fisher raised the alarm after noticing the five-month-old whippet had something lodged in her throat. 

A vet's X-ray revealed the animal had swallowed the child's toy whole. 
Christmas wishes: Ashleigh Fisher (left) with her dog Pip and nursing assistant Laura Lamb

Ashleigh, who got Pip as an 18th birthday gift from her parents, said the family first noticed something was wrong when Pip began gulping loudly.

Laura Lamb, trainee nurse at the Bridge Veterinary Group in Middlesbrough said: 'When the X-ray was developed the vet and nurse could hardly believe their eyes.

'A long, narrow object was visible, starting at the bottom of Pip's throat and going off the edge of the plate towards her stomach.' 

A second picture was taken, revealing that the object stretched all the way from the little dog's throat right into her stomach.
Swallowed whole: The five-month-old whippet gulped down the toy wand intact

Efforts to remove the wand were unsuccessful and it was decided the only option was to operate.

Following surgery, the staff and Pip's family were amazed to discover that the offending object was a toy fairy wand. 

Laura said: 'Luckily for Pip, it did not appear to have done any damage to her insides and she had a good recovery.'

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